Battelle spreads the news: Yahoo unveil an alliance with US newspapers clearly aimed at jostling Google’s attempts to corale the local classified ads market. Google’s attempts to syndicate newspaper ads is not a promising runner (earlier comments on the magazine episode apply). Yahoo looks a bit different.

Its not easy to be sure what the Yahoo deal amounts to (and coalitions of publishers often come unstuck), but the thing that sounds promising about this is that it seems a synergistic development is planned. Both parties are moving forward. Classified ads in newspapers work and the Yahoo Hotjobs site works, exchanging information and leads can improve the service on both sides. Of course, newspapers still need an effective way of deploying their print ads on the web. That goes without saying, but a partnership with a business that is looking to improve traffic to the newspapers looks like the way to go…Yahoo has been losing ground to Google, but its not yet Game, Set and Match.