I dont recommend it, but I am very impressed that people will try it out. Here was some interesting feedback from Philip:

Just subscribed to the Baptist Times Exact Edition. It looks good and works well on my PC, but there is one drawback. If I save the .pdf pages to view on my Palm PDA they are much too small to read. I suspect it may be because the pdf file is based on an image rather than on the text.

Philip is exactly right about the last point. Also the Baptist Times is one of the largest formats we work with, so its bound to be harder to squeeze a usable PDF onto the PDA. But of course we were taken with the idea, and a good half hour was spent in the office checking out how easily we could save PDF images of the magazine onto our mobiles and then navigate the pages. We reckon that the Nokia N70 is a better bet than the assembled Blackberries, but it may be that we havent yet spent enough time on tweaking the Blackberry.

There is a brand new spiffy Blackberry out today so we will have a shoot out with the Apple iPhone later in the year. Meanwhile I would say this is only to be attempted by the most committed digital enthusiast. It is not the easiest way to read a magazine.