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We have not yet been asked to sell subscriptions to any ‘top shelf’ magazines. Our current thinking is that were we to be asked we would politely decline. Decisions of this kind are hard to justify and its very hard to demarcate any borderline of taste. There does not seem to us to be any sensible way of offering a ‘topshelf’ in a virtual magazine store, but perhaps we have not thought through the issues. The physical topshelf is handy because a 12 year old probably can not reach it and anything at that level is relatively unobtrusive to the majority of the population…..

We really do not know what the right policy would be. There are enough magazines that want to get onto the web as Exact Editions that we probably do not need to resolve the problem for a while, but if you have any views, please post a comment. It now occurs to me that we should probably follow ‘best practice’ among those film download sites that handle Adult Material.


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  1. Separate site with different branding. The problem you’ll have is that paypal (and many others) won’t accept payments for such material.

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