Selling institutional site licences to digital magazine archives is one of Exact Editions’ most important publisher services. 

Our dedicated sales team are constantly expanding our database of international institutional contacts and running targeted marketing campaigns to secure lucrative sales for publishers.

In this guide you’ll find multiple ways in which publishers can encourage even more institutional customers for their titles.

1. Promote Institutional Shop Links

Please ensure that your own website’s subscription pages prominently features a clear and direct link to your title’s institutional shop page

You should also regularly share the shop page across your social media channels. 

2. Understand Subscription Features

The most important features of institutional subscriptions are as follows:

* Fully-searchable access to the growing archive of back issues.
* Unlimited IP-authenticated access and remote access options available.
* Cross-platform compatibility with all Web, iOS and Android devices.
* Usage reports, MARC records, KBART data and excellent customer support.

Please emphasise these features in your promotions, as libraries need to know these facts to know how easily the subscription will fit into their existing e-resources system.

In particular, it’s extremely important in the current climate to ensure institutions know that remote access options support use on and off campus.

3. Send Us List Of Print Subscribers

Institutions who already hold physical copies of the magazine are most often interested in subscribing to the digital archive to complement their print holdings

Please send over a list of these institutions and we will target them specifically in our marketing campaigns.

4. Contact Potential Subscribers 

We suggest you reach out to academic contributors to your magazine to encourage them to contact the librarian at their institution and point them towards a subscription. 

We can provide you with an example email for reaching out to these potential subscribers; just get in touch with a member of the team.

Over the summer months, institutions consider new library holdings for the upcoming academic year – so now is a great time to promote institutional digital subscriptions to your title as much as possible!

If you’d like any specific advice at all, please contact us on