Although the coronavirus pandemic has provoked an extremely uncertain period for many publishers, we want to remind Exact Editions publishing partners about the marketing tools they have at their fingertips.

As well as presenting an an opportunity to offer your wonderful archives as complimentary reading material to all those locked down at home, now is the time to concentrate on driving digital subscriptions. 

Here are 4 ways that you can maximise digital revenue: 

1. Promoting Your Shop Page 

Encourage readers old and new to take up digital subscriptions by posting your individual shop page on your website, newsletters and social media

2. Promotional Codes

Set up promotional codes offering a discount on annual digital subscriptions. To set these up, just get in touch with a member of our team on

3. Open-Access Articles

You can utilise your digitised back issues for marketing purposes by making selected articles ‘open-access’ for a limited time. This allows you to both showcase editorial highlights and showcase the platform

To set these up, get in touch and let us know which pages from which issue you’d like to be open, and for how long.

4. Reading Rooms

Reading Rooms offer a way to distribute time-limited access to either your latest issue or full archive. You can find further details on best practice for these links on social media in our blog post here

If you would like any specific advice at all, don’t hesitate to get in contact with our team on  

We hope you’re all staying safe and healthy! 🏠