The Sawdays guide to Pubs & Inns of England and Wales has been enhanced so that all the pub phone numbers are clickable.

Here is a YouTube video showing our Technical Director, Tim Bruce, calling the Red Lion at Hinxton from his iPhone. Then getting the Google map so he can walk to it.

We think that this is a ‘first’. The first time that digital books can initiate a call to ordinary phone numbers mentioned in them.

An annual subscription to this invaluable guide is the merest snip at £4.95, and it will surely improve the quality and precision of your drinking and eating.

Exact Editions has been able to support calls to international format phone numbers for some time (but we are still? the only digital edition format to do so). The enhancement in the last week or two has been to our ‘import’ technique, so that we can im many cases make live and callable phone numbers that lack the international prefix. This interactiveness becomes more important with the iPhone and Exact Editions is making maximum use of our iPhone compatibility.