We have been working for some months with a way of selectively revealing content. Our internal codeword for this system has been ‘petticoats’, the idea being that there are some layers in the system which can publishers can raise to reveal more content.

Time Out City Guides can only be viewed in their 16 pp thumbnail format. But the text of the whole book is searchable.

Some of our other titles are viewable as double-page spreads throughout, and we also support free, full view (all the magazines in our shop have at least one such sample issue).

We have been wanting a system which will allow our publishers to mix and match the ‘petticoats’ style of layered display with some of the content being open to full view. Our code-word for this development was ‘halos’. The idea being that thumbnails which would be open for full view would have a small ‘halo’ round them, inviting further inspection.

The first title mixing halos and petticoats, which is the incredibly tempting Sawdays book Pubs & Inns of England and Wales.

If you have an iPhone and want to check out the way you can call a pub and find the Google map straight off the page from within your iPhone. Here is the link for two fine Clerkenwell watering holes. When you land on the open page click on the phone numbers and then on the Post Codes.