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Wonderful adobe architecture from West Africa.

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Web 2.0 and HCI

Or Human Collective Intelligence, as it now is, not Human Computer Interface/Interaction as it was a month ago. The Web 2.0 conference has finished and this post mortem from Tim O’Reilly caught my attention. There is a powerful attraction in the idea that Web 2.0 is broader than simply ‘social content’, or the ‘User Generated Content’ that seems to be the most obvious feature of services like Flickr or MySpace. If Web 2.0 is about collective intelligence there is obviously … Keep Reading

Blogging, Magazines and Newsprint

David Sifry the founder of Technorati has just released his quarterly State of the Blogosphere report. There is lots of detail and here are a few of the highlights:

== Technorati now tracks 57 million blogs
== About 1.3 million postings happen every day (so most of the 57 million blogs are really slow moving)
== Japanese blogging is nearly as numerous and noisy as English-language blogging (39% of blog postings are in english as opposed to 33% japanese).

The … Keep Reading

A Shop for Digital Magazines

Our main service to the magazine industry is to be building a kind of shop where the public can buy subscriptions to digital editions. Today we have 24 titles, by the end of the day we may have 25 or 26. In a few months we will have 100+, and a while later we will have a lot (thousands). So it is still early days and our shop is still a small shop, but the reassuring thing is that the … Keep Reading

Web 2.0 and referencing

Web 2.0 was a fairly simple, but slightly fuzzy, idea that has already become very complex. Today there is a big high level conference on it — the third Web 2.0 conference. In my (probably excessively) simple-minded view the basic idea is that NOW, about 10 years after the web got going, it is possible to build new types of web appliances, objects, communities, information systems and processes. New, new stuff in which the web is taken to be … Keep Reading

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