Like most nerdy types we have been waiting for the launch of the iPhone for months. From its earliest demo , Steve Jobs was showing it with a newspaper web site and stressing the advantages of being able to read the paper on your phone……

Today we hear that the iPhone will come with Safari. Unlike most digital magazine platforms, Exact Editions only requires a standard browser on the client-side. Our pages are simple web pages, no proprietary file format, no Flash is needed.

So, it is looking secure that Exact Editions will run very sweetly on an iPhone. Furthermore we have live -phone numbers in many magazine web pages (International format phone numbers are callable with a click-through). The first user who confirms that you can click-call a number from a digital magazine on an iPhone, gets a free subscription to any of our magazines that they choose (send in a photo of yourself holding the iPhone with sample page, to claim your prize).

Here is a page with some live phone numbers. Please do not ring the New Internationalist’s international offices, unless you need to do so!