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New Internationalist

How to be an Ethical Consumer

Sweating over sweatshops.

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Measurement and readership

ABC (the Audit Bureau of Circulations) is the industry body which measures circulations, news stand sales, subscriptions etc for magazines and newspapers in the UK. It gathers an immense amount of detailed information on thousands of publications, much of it is freely available from its excellent web site.

There is also an ‘electronic’ offshoot, ABCe, which measures the reach and popularity of some of the large UK media web sites. ABCe has recently amended its basic approach to measurement … Keep Reading

The Economist

Is possibly the best magazine of current affairs. It would get my vote. They might not welcome the compliment because, in-house, they have a tribal custom of always referring to it as a (or ‘the’) newspaper. Last week’s issue of the ‘newspaper’ was one of their regular Science and Technology Quarterly surveys.

Most of the Science and Technology survey is behind their subscription pay-wall, so I can not link you to some of the best articles (good ones on biometricsKeep Reading

The Gowers Report is published

The Gowers report, published yesterday, was commissioned by the UK government to review the Intellectual Property framework of the UK and produce recommendations. The report is here as a pdf. The bit that caught my eye, is that Gowers proposes a limited right to private copying for ‘format shifting’. It is not widely known that copying a CD to an MP3 player in the UK is prohibited. It is not in the US, or in other European countries, and … Keep Reading

Press Gazette revived

Having been laid to rest at the end of last week, the Press Gazette is coming back. We have been following this saga closely and wish the patient a very long and prosperous future.

See the announcement on the PG web site.

Having been withdrawn when the receivers were appointed, the magazine is going back into the Exact Editions shop as we blog this. So now is the time to get your digital sub.

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