Exact Editions has been streamlining the Publisher Dashboard, and the latest “Shop” feature of the Dashboard makes managing your account an even smoother process. 

So what’s new?

A faster way to set up promo-codes

Publishers who sell in the subscriptions in the consumer shop can now create their own bespoke promo-codes with full autonomy. Simply enter the code, the percentage discount and the expiry date.

See below for instructions:

  1. Log into your Publisher Account, and click on the Shop feature. https://publisher.exacteditions.com/dashboard/index
Demonstrating the new Shop icon on the Publisher Dashboard.

2. Click the promo-codes icon.

Demonstrating the new promo-code icon on the Publisher Dashboard.

3. You can then enter your bespoke code, percentage discount, expiry date and description. Your existing codes will also appear below the request form.

A screenshot of the new method of creating po

You can now request changes to your marketing/shop text

The marketing text that shows on the Exact Editions digital shop pages are of the utmost importance as these descriptions showcase your publication, and can persuade consumers and institutions alike to purchase a subscription. We advise that your marketing text exhibits the best features of your publication, and is 15 lines maximum to ensure it is clear and succinct. 

See the instructions below:

  1. Click on the Marketing Text icon.
A screenshot of the Marketing Text icon on the Publisher Dashboard.

2. You can then type in your new or updated marketing text, whether that be consumer and/or institutional. You can also see your current marketing text. As aforementioned, we ask that you limit the marketing text to 15 lines or less.

A screenshot of the Marketing Text request on the Publisher Dashboard.

As a footnote, there’s also a shop feature that allows you to keep track of your request history for both promo-codes & marketing text.

A screenshot of the Requests History page.

If there is any confusion on how to use these new features, please email production@exacteditions.com. The production team are happy to provide a guided navigation of the Dashboard via a short zoom call.