Monocle is one of the most interesting magazine launches of recent years. It is inspired by Tyler Brûlé, whose previous magazine launch was Wallpaper*

Monocle has a very strong visual design (as one would expect from a Brûlé concept). Black as a cover, which gives it a strong contrast on the news stand. It is also a very ambitious editorial project (as one would expect). It is particularly interesting in the way the web service includes broadcast and is conceived of as complementary and distinct from the magazine. This is a magazine publisher taking a new look at the potential for web services which differentiate and develop the magazine print offering.

Leaves plenty of scope for a digital edition, and arguably necessitates a digital edition. Since Monocle publishes 10 times a year, at over 200 pages an issue, the subscribers will soon need the benefits of a searchable archive, of the echt magazine. This monocle needs a powerful lense for its back issues.

Here are some comments from Juan Antonio Giner. His first reaction was more enthusiastic some of Juan Antonio’s screen shots. Third issue is out next week.

Interesting notes from Jeremy Leslie on the tricky art of naming a new magazine.