The Week magazine is going to produce an online-only magazine issue, about environmental issues. The issue will be sponsored by Lexus as a showcase for its hybrid products. According to the New York Times Lexus will be spending over $500,000 on the sponsorship of this special issue.

The extra issue is scheduled for April 20 and will be available online for a week. Its theme will be the environment. That, the publishers say, is another reason the issue will not be the usual paper and ink. It will save, a spokesman said, a lot of trees. (see report in The Press Gazette web site).

If there is any environmental benefit in this exercise, there is a compelling case for producing a digital edition of the weekly magazine on a regular basis. Being environmentally sensitive just for a week is a nonsense. The Dennis spokesman who says it will save a lot of trees is talking through his hat. The Week should be publishing a regular digital edition for ecologically concerned subscribers. That will save some trees.