When Saturday Comes, Britain’s leading football magazine, has launched its complete digital archive, going all the way back to March 1986.

Since its inception, the magazine has aimed to provide an intelligent voice for supporters of Football, with articles offering both a humorous and serious view of the sport.


When Saturday Comes started off as a photocopied, hand-stapled production, sold bi-monthly for 20 pence. Within two years of its launch it had developed into a monthly magazine with national distribution. The magazine also helped to publicise hundreds of club fanzines which sprang up around the same time.

In 1995, the magazine evolved to a 48 page publication, printed in full colour. During this time, there was a boom in football publishing, and When Saturday Comes developed a niche in an otherwise crowded market. It was recognised as a source of informed commentary on British football, featuring in UK newspapers, as well as on radio and television around Europe.


Today, while the magazine includes articles contributed by a number of football journalists and award-winning authors, it still commissions articles written by fans. A number of guest writers have also written for the magazine, including Simon Kuper and Nick Hornby.


Print and digital subscribers to the magazine now have access to all 30-years worth of issues – of interest to any serious fan of the sport.

If you would like to subscribe to When Saturday Comes, and access the full digital archive, please click here.