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Magazine Subscriptions are Getting more International

Magazine subs through the web will inevitably attract a larger and more international audience. Looking at our service yesterday (we can see the sales popping along in real time) I noticed 10 subs from 6 countries which went in this order: United Kingdom, Brazil, United States, France, United States, United Kingdom, France, Brazil, Norway, Canada….. Its not just that the market is international, the choices betray our global interests and our enjoyment of national cultures. Quest Bulgaria for the UK, Ancient Egypt and Le Monde Diplomatique for Brazil (bien sure en Français), Music Tech and Calcio Italia for the USA. Magazines are great cultural ambassadors.


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Print going with the grain of the Web

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  1. it’s nice to hear great news such as this. despite of the many allegations and futuristic guess of various people, here comes a news that can defy what they’re saying about magazine’s lifespan.

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