It’s World Digital Preservation Day 2021 🎊

As ever, Exact Editions is supporting this brilliant initiative that shines a spotlight on the importance of digital preservation in an increasingly virtual and connected world.

This theme of this year’s event, ‘Breaking Down Barriers’, is an opportunity to demonstrate how digital preservation supports digital connections, unlocks potential and creates lasting value.

Geographically, the evolution of digital publishing technology has allowed publications and content from all four corners of the world to reach new international audiences at the touch of a button 🌏

But how is this access maintained securely and reliably? At Exact Editions, digitised files are stored on Amazon’s S3 service; a highly scalable, highly available, fast, data storage infrastructure.

In the case of Perpetual Access subscriptions, which guarantee access to the complete archive of a particular publication and all future published issues, there is an additional storage location: ‘community-supported preservation archive’ Portico. In the case that digital issues are unable to be provided at some future point, Portico would make the content available to subscribers.

To celebrate #WDPD2021, we are highlighting six international magazines who focus on content from specific countries, regions or languages. 

Complete and fully-searchable digital issues of all six magazines will be available until the end of next Thursday 11th November through the link below:

Read on to find out more about the participating publishers 🤓

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Rusted Radishes  –  Issue 8: Sea Change

Over the past decade, Rusted Radishes: Beirut Literary and Art Journal has established itself as a space for emerging and established writers and artists with a connection to Lebanon and the Arab world.

Issue 8: Sea Changes features fiction from Lebanese Canadian writer Mario Jamal, poetry from Egyptian PhD student Rana Elbowety and an interview with queer poet, recording artist, essayist and activist Lisa Luxx.

Flash Art Italian Edition  –  #349 Giugno — Agosto 2020

Since 1967, Flash Art has been synonymous of a cutting edge perspective on contemporary art and global art landscape. Renowned for its iconic covers, the publication currently has both an ‘international’ and Italian edition.

The Giugno-Agosto 2020 issue of Flash Art Italian Edition features Stefano Boeri in conversation with Gea Politi and Cristiano Seganfreddo in ‘Smentire la storiografia’ and a conversation with Teresa Castro of Formafantasma in ‘l cinema animistico’.

Modern Poetry in Translation  – Songs of the Shattered Throat 

Modern Poetry in Translation (MPT) is a tri-annual poetry magazine edited by Clare Pollard that publishes poetry from all over the world in English translation.

The 2017 issue Songs of the Shattered Throat (Focus on the Languages of India) features poetry from important Russian poet Marina Tsvetaeva and Swedish poet ‘Ann Jäderlund.

Cornucopia  – Issue 50, 2013

Beautiful enough to be a coffee-table book, authoritative enough to satisfy scholars, and always a treat to read, for three decades Cornucopia has been the magazine for connoisseurs of Turkey — and for anyone who wants to delve into its rich history, culture and cuisine.

Issue 50 is an 140-page celebration of Istanbul and features articles on the city’s history, musical culture and art.

New African  – December 2004

Every month over 220,000 people read New African to keep abreast with the affairs from the continent.

Published continuously since 1966, the English language monthly has consistently brought an African point of view to international news.

The December 2004 issue covers the “calls in Nigeria for a return to true federalism via a national conference to negotiate the terms of remaining together” that were happening at the time, as well as a piece on Somalia’s then-new President Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed.

Le Monde Diplomatique  – Juillet 2020

Le Monde Diplomatique  –  just LMD or the Diplo to its many readers  – is a famous voice in world journalism, published in 30 languages. It offers in-depth analysis of current affairs and intelligent firsthand reporting.

The Juillet 2020 issue includes features about police violence (‘Les forces de l’ordre social’) and the effect of the pandemic on the aviation industry (‘Aviation civile, la tempête du siècle’).

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As a reminder, all six of these issues are available here until the end of Thursday 11th November 2021:

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