We are seeing a surge in gift subscriptions. Could this be a sign of Christmas? Or is it the first loosening of consumer budgets as we climb out of the recession? Your guess is as good as mine.

If Christmas shopping is on your agenda, here are some last minute ideas (we are 24×7 so you can even delay your shopping to Christmas morning if you expect to wake up before your nearest and dearest are online). Here are some suggestions: Whitelines for that troublesome snowboarding nephew. Taste Italia for the brother-in-law who wants to open an Italian restaurant. Prospect for your intellectual friends. Opera or The Wire or Jazzwise for your musical buddies. Finally, the Ecologist for anyone who cares about the environment and Red Pepper for the anti-capitalists in your network.

We don’t yet cater for every special interest and taste (I wish we had something on Tropical Fish for Uncle Fred), but we are getting there.