Now more than ever, digital resources are a vital tool in every teacher’s arsenal. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your institutional subscription in the classroom!

  1. Copy and paste to get everyone on the same page.

Every magazine spread has a URL that can be seen by all members of the subscription. Copy and paste this URL anywhere, and it will take everyone back to the same page in the reader:

2. Share articles on your social media platforms to engage with students, both current and prospective.

Use the toolbar at the bottom of the reader to share articles to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Linkedin — don’t worry, only members of your school can read the content you paid for!

3. Take advantage of the BLM Digital Resource page, exploring activism, politics, history and more.

These articles are freely available to the public, so you can explore beyond your subscriptions, and diversify your resources!

4. Don’t forget our curriculum guides!

With the help of teachers and publishing partners, we’ve put together guides to help you navigate the magazines and find the best material for your course topics.

5. Get your students to do their own research.

More online teaching means more independent learning. Set research tasks that make use of the comprehensive search function to explore the archives, motivating your students and building their skills. 

They can search for a specific term across all of your subscriptions: 

Or just with a certain archive:

They can search a decade of magazines:

In a particular year:

Or within a single issue:

There’s no better time to engage with digital resources — try these out in your classroom and let us know any feedback you have. We hope you are keeping happy and healthy, despite our current challenges.

Have any questions, or any tips to share? Email us at

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