Yesterday was a free day for me. But with a Blackberry you are never totally on holiday. Two work items piqued my interest.

Sad news for Tom Moloney, CEO of EMAP. He has left the company and the speculation is that it may be snapped up by a private equity company.

Another tiny item from feedback also snagged my interest (yes feedback gets forwarded to our Blackberries and, sad as it may be, I often look at it even on my days off). Geoff who subscribes to The Baptist Times writes in:

After only two weeks of the new subscription I am pleased with the flexibility of being able to read articles as time permits, and also reading past issues. It means that I am saving paper even if it is recycled!

Thanks Geoff! This is the kind of unsolicited reaction (almost as important the steadily accelerating growth in new susbcribers) that tells us that digital magazines are working in the market place. The new CEO of EMAP will have engineered a quick turnaround if he/she sees how much their wonderful magazine assets can benefit from digital editions. From being fully engaged on the web.