Subscribers can now access the modern, digital archive of Dancing Times, that includes over fifty back issues over the past five years. Dedicated to dance since 1910, each monthly issue includes up to date dance news, talking point features, interviews from dancers in the industry, theatre and film reviews, and much more.

First published in 1894 as the house magazine of the Cavendish Rooms, a ballroom dancing establishment, Dancing Times is the oldest monthly magazine devoted to dancing. It was bought in 1910 by P. J. Richardson and T. M. Middleton and transformed into a national periodical, covering all forms of dancing and reporting worldwide. 

Influential in the profession of dancing, Dancing Times played an instrumental part in the founding of the Royal Academy of Dance, the formation of the Camargo Society that focuses on the encouragement and presentation of British ballet, and the British Board of Ballroom Dancing which codified the technique and controls the standards of the ‘English Style’ ballroom dancing.

Now covering all aspects of dance, Dancing Times continues its original stated policy to maintain the highest standards of criticism and illustration, give a voice to leading authorities, encourage high standards of teaching, encourage awareness of dance history and stress the importance of dance in education. For more than a hundred years, Dancing Times has remained a leader in its field.

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