“Earth does not have the luxury of time — we are living with the consequences of climate change: drought, famine and disease.” George Eaton, New Statesman (7–13 May 2021)

As George Eaton, Senior Online Editor of New Statesman, made abundantly clear in his article from the 7-13 May 2021 issue: humanity is in the grips of a climate crisis, and the planet is running out of time 🌏

One month ago, on 26th July 2021, Exact Editions launched the Climate Crisis Digital Resource Page, currently featuring over 150 free articles handpicked from the digital archives of over 50 prestigious magazine publishing partners including The Times Literary Supplement, The Biologist & New Internationalist

The page is free-to-view to all and accessible indefinitely here on the Exact Editions website, as a valuable resource to educate and inform about the climate crisis.

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So far, the resource has not only been shared amongst climate organisations and associations, but also educational institutions of all levels including schools, further education colleges and universities.

The page has also received significant press coverage from a range of publishing and library press outlets, including MediaPost and Information Today.

You can see all of the coverage here.

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Moving forward, the resource will continue to grow in size and value, keeping readers up-to-date with the latest information and developments in climate change theory and politics. Further articles suggested by Exact Editions publishing partners will be added on a monthly basis, so keep an eye out for new content! 👀

Article from Issue 103 of Positive News, part of the ‘Climate Activism’ section

If you have any questions about the Climate Crisis Digital Resource Page, please contact one of the Exact Editions team at publisher@exacteditions.com.