During the summer we improved our content management service so that web links and email addresses in magazine articles are now generally live and clickable. This was a big improvement in navigation from the magazine (clicking on a link or an email opens a new window and doesn’t lose your place in the magazine). At the same time we introduced clickable Contents Pages. So all the magazines that we have imported to the system since August have click-through navigation within the magazine from the contents page. You need to click on the actual page number in the contents list, and you will notice that each live number has a ghost green box to show that it is live. This is the same conventional green outline that is used for emails, urls and international phone numbers. See how it works here:

Music Tech — contents double-spread


The Baptist Times — summary contents

As a complement and reminder of the Contents Page function we introduced a small icon which allows the user to access the contents page for each issue from any page in that issue. If you ever get lost in massive magazine, reach for this little icon: