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COP26 Virtual Book Showcase: Group Reading Sessions

There are over 150 books on climate change and sustainability included in the COP26 Virtual Book Showcase, which will be live and free-to-view from Exact Editions’ servers between 28th September  – 1st October for the Pre-COP Meeting in Milan and 28th October  – 22nd November for the COP26 Meeting in Glasgow.

During these timeframes the showcase, which features a huge treasure trove of content from fiction, non-fiction and children’s publishers, can be easily distributed through the temporary link across … Keep Reading

COP26: Virtual Book Showcase For Climate Change

Exact Editions has organised a virtual exhibition of over 140 books focussing on climate change and sustainability to coincide and contribute to both the Pre-COP Meeting in Milan (30 September  – 3 October) and the COP26 Meeting in Glasgow (1 – 12 November).

Click the link below to access the COP26 Virtual Book Showcase until the end of 22nd November:


Climate change is an urgent and important challenge for all sectors of the economy. Exact Editions not only … Keep Reading

Climate Crisis Resource Page: One Month On

“Earth does not have the luxury of time — we are living with the consequences of climate change: drought, famine and disease.” George Eaton, New Statesman (7–13 May 2021)

As George Eaton, Senior Online Editor of New Statesman, made abundantly clear in his article from the 7-13 May 2021 issue: humanity is in the grips of a climate crisis, and the planet is running out of time 🌏

One month ago, on 26th July 2021, Exact Editions launched the … Keep Reading

Introducing: The Climate Crisis Digital Resource Page

We’re delighted to share the brand new and freely-accessible Climate Crisis Resource Page with you all this week 🌎

The page has been created in collaboration with over 50 magazine publishing partners and currently includes nearly 150 articles from digitally archived issues which are usually only available by paid subscription.

The resource will be updated with new content on a monthly basis and counts among its prestigious contributors The Biologist, Geographical, and BBC Wildlife Magazine.

Issues Featured in
Keep Reading

Exact Editions provides access to digital books at the APA Central Division Meeting 22–27 February

The Central Division is second of the three divisions of the American Philosophical Association in 2021, along with the Pacific Division organised for April this year. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, The 2021 Central Division will held virtually from the 22nd to the 27th February 2021.

Exact Editions has supplied to the upcoming digital meeting an open digital display of over 40 philosophy titles from 7 book publishers, along with 5 periodicals. This time-limited and open access digital collection is … Keep Reading

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