World of Railways+ is a new kind of digital membership supplied by Warners Group Publications. Subscribers will receive access to a Digital Library consisting of five railway magazines covering modelling, garden railways and more. Additional content includes a Trackplan Archive, exclusive videos, competitions, a free annual show ticket and RMweb Gold access.

Readers can access new and archived issues from five leading railway magazines through the Warners site. Members of the World of Railways Plus will be able to enjoy archived content from the back catalogue of: BRM (British Railway Modelling), Narrow Gauge WorldGarden RailTraction and Engineering in Miniature with a fully searchable online reader. Users can browse and search across all titles to the 756 magazine issues accessible.

BRM (British Railway Modelling)

Showcasing the UK’s best model railways, BRM provides easy-to-follow modelling advice from its team of experts and revealing the latest product news and in-depth reviews from the hobby’s leading manufacturers such as Hornby, Bachmann, Heljan, Dapol and more. The monthly magazine is a must for railway modelling enthusiasts.

Subscribers have access the digital archive as well as all upcoming issues

Its digital archive includes 186 back issues spanning 14 years going back to 2007.

Narrow Gauge World

Narrow Gauge World is the only newsstand magazine that puts narrow gauge centre stage. Yesterday’s history, today’s news and tomorrow’s projects are all covered in detail, with issues uncovering fascinating stories from the rich and varied history of the narrow gauge as well in-depth news coverage, on today’s busy and vibrant narrow gauge, in the UK and across the globe. 

Issues can be bookmarked and synced for offline use.

Its digital archive includes 114 back issues spanning 15 years of content going back to 2006.

Garden Rail

Garden Rail covers all aspects of outdoor model railways. It is aimed at established converts to the hobby, as well as those yet to desert their indoor layouts and discover the real potential of large-scale modelling in an outdoor setting. 

Cross-platform availability across web, iOS, Android devices.

Its digital archive includes 185 back issues spanning 15 years of content going back to 2006.


Traction caters for those interested in the fascinating development of classic diesel and electric traction on the railways of mainland Britain, Ireland, continental Europe and the parts of the world where British-built locomotives have operated.

A fully searchable archive of back issues.

Its digital archive includes over 80 back issues.

Engineering in Miniature

Launched in 1979, Engineering in Miniature has established a reputation for its quality of articles and drawings and is highly respected for its technical content.

Published monthly, each issue features construction articles on all aspects of model engineering. Articles describe the construction of scale model locomotives, steam road vehicles, stationary, marine, petrol and hot air engines, clocks plus of course numerous model engineer workshop projects, tooling and machinery.

Comprehensive navigational tools allow users to easily browse issues

Its digital archive includes 197 back issues spanning 16 years of content going back to 2005.

Along with access to the five railway titles, users will gain access to: 

  • The Trackplan Archive which is home to a mass of trackplans of many of the country’s best model railways.
  • Hours of exclusive video footage providing expert modelling advice.
  • Exclusive Competitions giving users the chance to win fantastic prizes.
  • RMweb Gold, the UK’s biggest model railway forum. Members with access can sell products within the ‘Classified’ area and benefit from unlimited image size ability, increased PM storage, a private image gallery and a private ‘Gold’ forum area.

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