Tom Colvin who has a wide-ranging blog, Becoming a Writer Seriously, has bought a digital subscription to PC Utitlities and he approves of the Exact Editions platform

I love Great Britain’s PC Utilities Magazine. But getting the issues has been a problem as I move back and forth between two residences in different parts of the world. I’ve even encountered problems with Mexican customs, which sometimes wants a fee since the magazine comes packaged with a DVD full of computer programs.

But no longer. I just purchased a one-year online subscription via Exact Editions in the UK. The subscription costs noticeably less than the print edition. As a bonus, I get access to the past 20 issues, as well as to all of the 1000’s of software programs it has offered on its DVD’s. While I’ve already got all of those issues in print editions, I now don’t need to carry them from residence to residence — and I can let the magazine’s search facility to find what I’m looking for, a major time-saver.

Exact Editions represents quite a number of UK-based magazines, several of which will appeal to writers.

Now that I’ve broken through to online magazines, I may next subscribe to the online edition of PC World and Publisher’s Weekly. I’m delirious. (Becoming a Writer Seriously)

While we are delighted by Tom’s appreciative note, we have to point out that we do not alas offer subscriptions to PC World or Publishers Weekly. Well not yet, but we would love to be able to do so….

Since this a week in which Belkin have been caught out astroturfing, we come right out and say: we have never met Tom Colvin, and have no connection with him.

But of course we like his views and now we know about his blog we like that to.