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Network Subscriptions to Digital Magazines

Exact Editions has a generic app, Exactly, for reading magazine subscriptions. The app is available both for iOS, for Android and for Amazon Kindle Fire and it will work with any subscriptions hosted by Exact Editions. Exactly has had several important uses for us and our customers. It is an app that we can use to provide confidential trials to publishers who may be planning to join the Exact Editions platform. It has also been useful for those small … Keep Reading

The London Magazine: Now Available in the App Store

The London Magazine app is now available to one and all through Apple’s App Store.

With a literary legacy spanning back to 1732, The London Magazine is one of the oldest periodicals on the scene.

Today it’s more feisty than fusty, and we’re very proud to announce its digital début.



Feel free to take a quick peek at it on iTunes here, or do a quick search on your iPhone/iPad in the App Store.

You can bookmark your favourite … Keep Reading

Searching Magazine Apps

Exact Editions apps are all searchable. Individual issues can be searched; years, decades and all the available archive can be searched from within the magazine app. We have recently introduced a new search engine and an improved interface for browsing magazine archives and selecting the focus for a search.



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Over-delivering the Archive

Publishers are having a problem with ebooks. The problem is that the new tablet readers are working and ebooks are selling, but there are worrying signs that prices are falling, competition is increasing, and there is a race to the bottom. Best-selling print books used to cost $24.99 $19.99 or $14.99. Now there is an increasing tendency for best sellers to be priced low, low, and lower.

It is partly because of Amazon and Apple’s success at … Keep Reading

How to Improve Digital Magazines?

Most magazine publishers we talk to these days have iPads. Usually there are one or two in the office. Sometimes more.

But I am not sure that many magazine publishers are really using their iPads at the coalface of their business. It is possible that our digital magazines would be a lot better if our office iPads were really hammered and driven. Here are some suggestions of what to do:

  1. Use the iPad for FaceTime with your contributors, colleagues, partners
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