Exact Editions ByPlace technology makes it possible to use and read magazine apps for free in specific locations.

This technology is getting an exciting and innovative use for the next four weeks as we lead up to the Scottish Independence Referendum. Two magazines using the Exact Editions app platform: Prospect and the New Statesman are projecting their apps for free at locations (bars, hotels, clubs, libraries etc) in Scotland. The Act of Union came into effect 214 year ago and up to 214 free locations will be created for these magazines in the course of the referendum campaign. There is no charge to the location and no charge to the user. Free means free.

If you run or patronise a club or hotel or a popular meeting place where the Scottish Referendum will be discussed and should be discussed and studied with the benefit of these leading titles, you may propose the venue for inclusion at this page on the Exact Editions web site: http://www.exacteditions.com/indyref

Loretto School, Musselburgh, is the first location in Scotland to have free access through this promotion.



If you pass by Loretto School or attend a function there in the next few weeks, you will be able to get free access to these magazines and get the latest from their correspondents, columnists and editors on the crucial decision that Scotland will now take. Download the iOS app from iTunes for the New Statesman  and/or Prospect. Open the app within 200m of the school and indicate that you wish to have access to free content by location. You will then have complete free access to the content. If you are using WiFi you will even be able to sync an issue and walk away with the latest issue on your device. As more locations sign up we will be broadcasting the news on the Exact Editions twitter feed. Stay tuned.