Some Scottish University have logged in for ByPlace access to Prospect and the New Statesman for the period of the Scottish Independence referendum. Good news for the Student Unions of Aberdeen, Stirling, Napier and Dundee in Fresher’s week as new students arrive many of them with the right to vote in the referendum in 3 weeks.

Here is a picture of the access zone now available at Strathclyde:



So what is the user experience for a Strathclyde student (or anyone else near the Student Uni offices) who wants to get access to either or both magazines.

  • First you have to be in the zone with an iOS device
  • Then you pick up the app for Prospect ByPlace or the New Statesman ByPlace from iTunes
  • Open the app and scroll through it.
  • When you come to a page where the content is blocked — press the button which gives you free access to content by location
  • When the iPhone asks you to confirm that you will let the app know where you are. It will politely ask you for confirmation
  • You are away. You have free access as long as you are in the zone