And of course as an iPhone app. Available here.

This week’s issue is available in its entirety for free through the app, and for the next three days of BEA the Publisher’s Weekly daily specials will also be freely viewable within the iPhone/iPad apps.

The decision to develop this app was taken at short notice (less than two weeks before it was needed) and we were perhaps fortunate that the Apple approval process came through just in time for the BEA show — which is by far the biggest American book trade exhibition/conference.

Being able to read the daily specials, is clearly a boon for visitors and exhibitors who may not want to carry the printed version with them, but it is even more of a boon for those who might not be able to get to the show and would like to participate in the event from afar.

Here is a screenshot from the iPad version, the screenshot shows the 2 ways in which the user can navigate the magazine issue. First, the traditional contents page (with hotlinks from the page numbers to the listed articles) and second, the ‘pageflow’ navigation slider, which many users prefer as its so fast on the iPad.