Hello and welcome to another highly anticipated Publisher 1-On-1! And it’s a good one: the star of today’s show is Rob Norman, Magazine Marketing Manager at New Internationalist.

Tackling today’s most challenging global issues, confronting inequality and injustice and reporting on positive changes around the world, New Internationalist has been an established leader of independent media since 1973.

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So, on with the interview! Let’s see what Rob has to say.

1) What’s your role within the New Internationalist?

The Magazine Marketing Manager

2) What attracted you to the magazine publishing industry?

The opportunity to influence people first and foremost, but also the speed at which it moves. Magazines have to stay ahead of the curve to remain interesting. As someone who’s passionate about social and political issues, I wanted to be a part of that.

3) If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?


4) If you weren’t working in publishing, what would you be doing?

Maybe a chef.

5) Do you have an all-time favourite New Internationalist issue?

It was before my time at New internationalist, but our November 2001 issue (immediately after the tragedy of 9/11) was incredibly poignant. The header read, ‘The world holds its breath’ and in the confusion, it provided a powerful human response to what had happened and a prescient warning of what was to come.

New Internationalist’s November 2001 Issue

6) Which country have you enjoyed visiting most? 

Cuba or America.

7) What do you think will have changed in the publishing industry in 5 years?

I believe that it will be in a more confident place than it is today. The industry is still working out the new media landscape, but whereas 5 years ago it felt like all doom and gloom, things are looking up. This may just be wishful thinking, but I also think that big tech will be on the retreat, as the public consciousness of their monopoly power grows. That can only be a good thing!

Thanks so much for taking part, Rob! We certainly hope the publisher industry will be a more confident place too.

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