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Kerning and Knuth

Although I started in publishing at OUP (Oxford University Press) more than 30 ago when hot-metal printing was still alive, I missed out on the proper training in print and typography that might have been appropriate at that time and in that place. I am embarassed to admit that I first heard about the concept of kerning, a few years later, when an enthusiastic philosopher pointed me in the direction of Donald Knuth and the mathematical typesetting … Keep Reading

Earnings Calls from the NYT and GOOG

This is the time of year when big US media companies make their Quarterly reports to investors. Here is Juan Antonio Giner being very direct and quite rude about The New York Times‘s results. He surely has a point? The New York Times is a fantastic brand, and a wonderful newspaper — the results don’t need to be so dismal. The Economist is a print media brand of comparable reputation that regularly gets more than adequate financial results.… Keep Reading

Google, Microsoft Live, and Porfolio

Interesting blog from Michael Cairns of Personanondata. Like the rest of you I have been paying a lot more attention to Google Book Search than to Microsoft Live Search Books. But if Microsoft are developing systems which work for publishers interests and also for end users, then they have taken an important step forward. [Yes I know there were two ‘ifs’ in that sentence!]. Google Book Search is making such rapid progress that it is certainly going to … Keep Reading

the philosophers’ magazine

the philosophers’ magazine has a trial issue with a special feature on Poverty and Duty

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Portfolio is a big new business magazine from Conde Nast. Jeff Jarvis today has an intriguing preview on his BuzzMachine. The magazine itself is not out until next week, and there is then a big gap (advertising dictated) until the second issue in August, when the magazine will become monthly. It looks like its playing in the same general space as Monocle (blogged yesterday), but my sense is that it will be more businessy, perhaps a little less … Keep Reading

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