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Page Turning — does it help the reader?

Many of the digital magazine systems that use a ‘file download’ approach allow the user to ‘turn the page’ herself, eg by pointing and clicking to the bottom right hand corner of a virtual page. The page then moves across the screen before your amazed eyes to lay out a new two page spread (or a full single page if that’s your preference). Click on this link to find a page-turning example.

At an early stage our programmers produced … Keep Reading

Newspaper and Magazine advertising friendly to Yahoo?

Battelle spreads the news: Yahoo unveil an alliance with US newspapers clearly aimed at jostling Google’s attempts to corale the local classified ads market. Google’s attempts to syndicate newspaper ads is not a promising runner (earlier comments on the magazine episode apply). Yahoo looks a bit different.

Its not easy to be sure what the Yahoo deal amounts to (and coalitions of publishers often come unstuck), but the thing that sounds promising about this is that it seems a … Keep Reading

Read/write web

This is another of the themes that one encounters in explanations of Web 2.0. The idea (roughly) is that Web 1.0 was a read-only web and the new era is a read/write era.

Dont know about that, but there are questions that one could ask about magazines in such an environment. Would publishers want to encourage this kind of user response? Will digital magazines, to the extent that they can be shared, become vandalised beyond saving? Will users really … Keep Reading

Classifieds are a lot more fun when they are clickable

The London Review of Books is famous for its small ads, its personals. They are witty, elusive and often double-edged. One is never quite sure whether the advertisers are completely having us on, or not.

They are just as amusing on the web, and possibly more effective: but somebody should find an interactive alternative to the Box Number system. This is just too retro. Do the missives accumulate in the “Box” for a week or so, to be forwarded … Keep Reading

Economics and ecological impacts

Greenslade, who blogs at the Guardian media section, has an item on Sony’s decision to close its official Playstation magazine in the US.

As Roy Greenslade notes this will be worrying news for the computer games magazines. The cover mount with a trial game or demo has been a crucial asset, and incentive sales tool, for some years. Are music magazine publishers also moving away gradually from the music CD cover mount? It is bound to happen as digital … Keep Reading

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