The Catholic Herald joins Exact Editions today with a substantial archive running back to 2003. For six weeks the whole archive will be freely accessible (including the current issue). It is a substantial archive of over 200 issues. Try some searches: here are 43 occurrences of the phrase: “Oscar Romero”.

The Ecologist is also throwing open its Exact Editions archive of back issues, behind a six months moving wall — this means that the archive is steadily enlarged as more issues are published. You should subscribe to the magazine to have access to the current issue, forthcoming issues as they appear, and the 6 issues contained by the moving wall. The open archive offers 23 pages with a mention of “Kyoto”. Versus 33 occurrences for those with a subscription. I expect that the search term will continue to be used for many years.

More of our magazines are putting their archives open, to varying degrees, in the next few weeks.