Exact Editions is delighted to announce Mindset has joined its digital platform, where institutional subscribers can access a growing wealth of back issues from its very first one published. 

Mindset is a revolutionary publication dedicated to the health of the mind. With a world class Editorial Advisory Board each issue contains authoritative, accurate, beautifully-presented, easily assimilated information, about all aspects of mental health. Covering everything from prevention and diagnosis, treatments and rehabilitation, to workplace initiatives and financial and legal advice, Mindset is at the forefront of driving forward positive changes in our understanding and treatment of mental wellbeing.

‘By working together we will truly revolutionise the way we think and feel about mental wellbeing, give it the status it deserves, and go a long way towards helping remove the taboos and stigmas that still surround it.’

Mindset’s foundation partners, such as Channel 4, BNP Paribas, Compass Group and Roche, are companies dedicated to revolutionising our understanding and treatment of mental health. They each have a strong focus on the welfare of both their personnel and their clients, and a deep understanding that mental and physical fitness go hand-in-hand. With a myriad of exciting initiatives and projects in place, they are all at the forefront of ensuring maximum mental wellbeing at home, and within the working environment. 

Subscribers to Mindset will have access to a growing number of back issues from its very first one published. Each issues introduces the members of its advisory board, and offers the latest news, research and developments from around the world, case studies, features on workplace initiatives, and highlights on mental health and prevention. Readers can easily navigate fully linked contents, and browse specific articles by searching for a word or term across a single issue or the entirety of the archive, making this positive resource a must-have for those who wish to learn more about mental wellbeing and the changes that can be made. 

For institutions interested in requesting a free trial of Mindset, please click here.