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Management by Blogmosis

Blogmosis denotes the tendency for business and management decisions to be implemented, presented and conducted in semi-public. BuzzMachine has a great example of blogmosis this morning. When Alan Rusbridger OK’ed Jeff Jarvis blogging this company-wide, strategic, pep-talk, did he realise that so much of what he was saying would ricochet around the blogosphere and presumably echo in all competing boardrooms? Probably not, but it really does not matter. Indeed, widespread interest may help in the process of change.

I was fascinated by the tidbit that the Guardian already appears in 10 different ‘platforms’. The print edition, the digital edition, Guardian Unlimited, the short PDF version G24, Guardian Weekly, Guardian Monthly…. makes 6. But where are the other 4 on Rusbridger’s PowerPoint? Stumped. Which only goes to show that from the management standpoint, one of the advantages of blogmosis is that it doesn’t give everything away.


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  1. Message by email from Guardian expert: “mobile; broadcast TV (BBC and C4 have screened a number of Gdn films); podcasting; and digital radio.”Should have thought of the Podcasts – I have listened to some of them.

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