Welcome to the second instalment of the #ISBNReadingRoomsGuide blog series.

The focus of today’s post is how publishers and authors can use ISBN Reading Rooms to showcase book previews on their website shop pages.

Why Use ISBN Reading Rooms on Your Website?

ISBN Reading Room links:

  1. Allow publishers to select the number of pages at the front and back available to preview.
  2. Re-directs users to a purchasing page of the publisher’s choice through the ‘Buy Here’ button.
  3. Are ad-free for a clean reading experience.
  4. Include an advanced search function to show breadth of content covered.
  5. Are versatile and can be inserted or embedded on your website pages.

e.g. Wildlife Photographer Of The Year: Unforgettable Photo Journalism (published by the Natural History Museum): exacteditions.com/isbn/9780565095062

Why don’t you try searching for the world ‘elephant’ in the book?

Publisher Spotlight: Carcanet

Carcanet have upgraded their website to include a preview to each book on its shop page.

View the shop page for Some Integrity by Padraig Regan, recently shortlisted for the Forward Prize for Best First Collection 2022, here.

Why Use Reading Rooms Pro Features on Your Website?

One of the Reading Rooms Pro extra features is the ability to promote any section of the book digitally, whether that be the first few and last few pages, a whole chapter, or a selection of double page spreads. 

Reading Rooms Pro allows publishers to make any section of the book open for readers to preview.

Publisher Spotlight: Practical Inspiration Publishing

Practical Inspiration Publishing has provided their authors with ISBN Reading Room links. The customisable preview pages tool included in Reading Rooms Pro has allowed them to make specific chapters open for readers to preview

View Cara Miller’s website, including a preview to the first chapter of her book Closing The Influence Gaphere

To celebrate the recent launch, we’re offering a discounted price on Reading Rooms Pro until the end of 2022. Please get in touch at publisher@exacteditions.com for more information.