The 5th of September marks the International Day of Charity. 

This specific date was chosen by the United Nations General Assembly in 2012 to honour the passing of Mother Theresa, who received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979. A reminder of how charity can alleviate the worst effects of humanitarian crises, the day demonstrates how we can work together to create a better society.

We’ve looked through archival content hosted on the Exact Editions’ digital publishing platform to learn more about the day and its importance for charities worldwide.

“We are moving away from charity being a question of simply giving money”

Geographical, “The Future of Aid”: March 2022 issue

Mark Rowe reflects on the changing nature of overseas aid and speculates on how charity might be conceptualised in the future. One interviewee notes that climate change will enable charities to become “collectively united by globally existential challenges.”

Read the article, pages 20 to 26, here.

“His concern is always for ‘Les Autres’ — the poor, the underprivileged”

The Catholic Herald, “The original angry young man”: Advent Special issue (2004)

Abbé Pierre, founder of Emmaus, an international charity for the homeless, is profiled in this special issue of the The Catholic Herald.

Read the article, pages 8 to 9, here.

“Society’s most vulnerable and marginalised must be protected too”

HUNGER, “Society’s most vulnerable and marginalised must be protected too”: Issue 23

Nessa Humayun speaks to photographer and philanthropist Giles Duley, whose work shines a light on those who are most at risk of being left behind in times of conflict

Read the article, pages 11 to 13, here.

“In a world as rich as ours, no human being should be living in extreme poverty”

Philosophers’ Magazine, “Just End Poverty Now: The case for a Global Basic Income”: 1st Quarter 2022

Academic philosopher Thomas R. Wells demystifies the economic causes of poverty and makes an impassioned case for the “exceedingly simple, immediate, and transparent” concept of Global Basic Income.

Read the article, pages 76 to 82, here.

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