Web software has the massive advantage that you can make incremental improvements to a steadily improving service (and web services do seem to steadily improve — we trust that Exact Editions is). There was a small new release for our service today, and users will not notice anything.

The main change is that it makes it easier for us to set up ‘shortcuts’ for content that we are hosting for our clients. It logs the user into the right account and takes her straight to the right place in the information space. We put this switchboard into immediate effect for 3 catalogues for A&C Black, which are here:



Or see them all here


Our publishing partners will now be able to direct their customers directly to individual catalogues, if needed to a particular page in the catalogue, or to a page from whence the whole collection can be searched. It is quite difficult to do this sort of operation with PDF files (that was a British ‘quite’ which means ‘probably very’). We needed to get our ontology straight before we built this ‘switchboard’. I am told it works a bit like Clapham Junction.