Exact Editions is proud to present seven new digital titles from Immediate Media. These are BBC Wildlife Magazine, BBC History Magazine, BBC Focus Magazine, BBC Music Magazine, BBC Sky At Night Magazine, Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine, and History Revealed.

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BBC Wildlife Magazine

BBC Wildlife Magazine is the UK’s bestselling natural history magazine, read each month by around 230,000 people in the UK and abroad. The magazine has close ties to the BBC Natural History Unit in Bristol, encapsulating knowledge provided by academic experts in universities around the country.

The magazine seeks to provide an authoritative view of the natural world and to reflect current scientific thinking. Contributors to the magazine include some of the world’s leading academic naturalists, with particular input from familiar BBC natural history presenters such as David Attenborough, Chris Packham and Mark Carwardine.

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BBC History Magazine

BBC History Magazine is the UK’s bestselling history magazine, read each month by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world.

The magazine covers a broad span of British and global history, from ancient times until the present day. It regularly returns to popular topics such as the two world wars, the Roman empire, Tudor England and the medieval period, but also explores a range of lesser-known histories and the background to current events.

Contributors to the magazine include some of the world’s leading academic and popular historians, including Antony Beevor, Mary Beard, Ian Kershaw, Michael Wood and Margaret MacMillan.

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BBC Focus Magazine

BBC Focus Magazine is the UK’s best-selling science and technology monthly.


With contributions from leading academics and popular scientists alike, BBC Focus offers a distinctive and entertaining perspective on the fast-moving world of science whilst at the same time introducing readers to cutting-edge technology, what’s hot in the world of gadgets and new ideas from the world of research.

BBC Music Magazine 

BBC Music Magazine is the world’s best-selling and most respected classical music magazine. Each issue contains the latest news from across the classical music world, including interviews with internationally renowned artists and features on all manner of subjects, from piano legends to the art of listening.

BBC Sky At Night Magazine

BBC Sky At Night Magazine is Britain’s best-selling astronomy title since launch in 2005, providing readers who want to know more about the Universe with a hands-on guide to astronomy.

With articles from the world’s leading astronomers and writers, the magazine features insightful comment and analysis from those at the forefront of this ever-expanding science, and offers articles covering the latest discoveries in astrophysics, cosmology and planetary science.

Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine

Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine is Britain’s best selling family history brand. The magazine offers practical advice to readers researching their ancestors from roughly the start of the 16th century to the 1950s.
Contributors to the magazine include some of the biggest names in family history today including researchers for the TV series as well as historians such as Virginia Nicholson, Amanda Vickery, Jad Adams, Lucy Worsley and Michael Wood.

History Revealed

History Revealed brings the past to life for everyone. It’s an action-packed, image-rich magazine with zero stuffiness, jam-packed with facts, features and historical fun.

Every month the magazine takes a look at one of the big stories from history  – from ancient Rome to the First World War – giving readers key facts about the subject. The magazine also includes loads of amazing images to give readers a feel for what life would really have been like at a given period.


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