Fancy freely reading, browsing and searching over 150 digital books, all whilst learning about climate change and sustainability? 🌏

Look no further than the COP26 Virtual Book Showcase, live now on the Exact Editions platform until the end of 22 November and available through the link below 👏

39 German, French and English-language publishers have each provided four books in support of the UN 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26), which is taking place in Glasgow next week.

A selection of publishers involved in the COP26 Virtual Book Showcase

This unprecedented and innovative initiative is streamed through the Exact Editions platform. The system’s advanced search function allows readers to search for and pinpoint specific key terms across individual books, publisher sub-collections and the complete showcase.

Happy reading and we’d love your feedback on which books you’ve been enjoying – please use the hashtag #PublishersForThePlanet 🌏 on social media and tag us at @exacteditions.

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