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Magazines and Digital Streams

John Battelle has a really good blog on the future of magazines.

He summarises some of the difficulties which original content sites on the traditional web are facing:

Nearly all web publications are driven by the display model, which is in turn driven by page views. But we all know the web is shifting, thanks to mobile devices and the walled gardens they erect. The new landscape of the web is far more complicated, and new products must emerge.

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How to be a Good Institution eg Twitter

Twitter has come in for a good deal of criticism for its recent announcement of new rules for developers using the Twitter api. See the BBC report or John Gruber’s blog on Daring Fireball.

I am a keen admirer of Twitter and have been thinking a lot about Twitter for some months in the context of John Searle’s philosophy of speech acts (yes I am writing a book about it too, since writing is the best way of working … Keep Reading

Magazines and Linking

Gramophone is one of the best magazines for classical music. At Exact Editions we have been working with the Gramophone publishing team for a couple of years and the editors of that publication are using their digital platform in an imaginative and highly effective way to provide additional rich linking from within the magazine. Their latest issues shows how this linking can work very well for the reader; links are incredibly valuable in digital magazines, as they are in blogs, … Keep Reading

Magazines and Twitter


The digital magazine industry is about to be much more closely involved with Twitter than is commonly appreciated.

After five years of scraping around with Flash, and then two years of figuring out how to do good stuff on the iPad, the digital magazine business has reached a stage where it seems clear that the ‘next step’ will be heavily ‘social’, in which magazines recapture their strong position as guardians and builders of specialist interest groups. So digital magazines … Keep Reading

Why Magazines and Books are going to be more app-like.

Steve Colbert has a splendid take on the new biography of Steve Jobs: he pulls the book up on to his desk and then starts playing with it as though it were an iPad. He can’t swipe the pages, so he turns it upside down and then the portrait of Steve Jobs on the front cover “doesn’t even reorient”. There is nowhere to put the jack for his headset etc…

In fact, this is pretty much the same joke as … Keep Reading

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