October 10th marks World Mental Health Day.

Observed internationally, the day focuses on improving the awareness and education around mental health, as well as encouraging a destigmatisation for positive change and greater understanding.

Here at Exact Editions, we’ve delved through the archival content hosted our digital publishing platform to learn more about promoting a wider, healthier dialogue around mental health for all.

“Declining mental health is a global crisis” 

I by IMD, June 2021 issue

Alyson Meister and Dominik Breitinger discuss the nature of workplace mental health after the COVID-19 pandemic. They outline key steps for improving both employee and employer wellness as well as finding efficient ways of combating “anxiety, emotional exhaustion, depression, and burnout.”

Read the article, pages 20 to 23, here.

“The language used to describe mental health can perpetuate stigmas.”

Positive News Magazine, Issue 94, Jul-Sep 2018

Charlotte England interviews Kay Lockett, a photographer whose new work encourages us to consider the way in which we discuss mental health with others. 

This portraiture series wants to avoid the stigmatisation of mental health and promote a healthier way of understanding the issues of others.

Read the article, pages 70 to 73, here.

“Playing an instrument is a good way of establishing that mistakes are OK,and it is how we learn”

The Strad, December 2019 issue

Peter Somerford speaks to players and teachers about the mental health benefits of playing an instrument for children. Playing an instrument enhances critical thinking, lessens anxiety, and provides a refuge of “enormous stability” for children with mental health issues or a troubled home life.

Read the article, pages 12 to 13, here.

“With the right guidance and support, schools and school staff are well placed to make a difference”

The Psychologist, September 2019 issue

Pooky Knightsmith analyses school-based approaches to mental health, from curriculum-based initiatives to a pastoral focus. Highlighted is the need to actively break down the barriers between health and education for supporting the mental health of school children.

Read the article, pages 34 to 39, here.

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