UNESCO celebrates & promotes the “enduring value of philosophy for the development of human thought, for each culture and each individual” on the third Thursday of every November. 

This day lands on 16th November this year, and UNESCO encourages its partners to organise workshops, philosophical debates and dialogue, and participation from philosophers and scientists across the world. 

The public and mass media representatives are encouraged to join the discourse, and so Exact Editions has collated three articles that promote a “more tolerant, more respectful society” from deep within our archives. 

 “What does it mean to think together?”

The Philosopher, Autumn 2023 issue

“Thinking together, in a very basic form, involves being willing to open our eyes (and ears) to someone else’s thoughts”

Jana Bacevic discusses the importance of reading & listening to others, or with others, without the desire for personal gain or ambition. Bacevic outlines ways we can be more mindful of co-thinking with others, with techniques & excerpts from philosophers through the ages.

Read the article, pages 17 to 21, here

“The Flavours of Fairness”

The Philosopher’s Magazine, 1st Quarter 2019

“Our participants considered charity less fair than impartiality”

Laura Niemi writes a brilliant article on how we, as a society, tend to view fairness. This mindset bleeds into our actions and viewpoints at work and at home, and it is not always the most tolerant way. Niemi gives us a chance at self-reflection and examples of how human beings can evolve their thinking.

Read the article, pages 29 to 34, here.

“Why you should talk to strangers”

The Psychologist, June 2023 issue

“Talking to strangers makes the world better because it humanises other people”

Gillian Sandstrom details the benefits of engaging with others whom you do not know, in a bid for more self-confidence, empathy, and unity in our society. This article epitomises UNESCO’s message for more tolerance and respect for one another.

Read the article, pages 30 to 33, here.

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