Earth Day 2022 is here 🌎

The annual event celebrates our wonderful planet and encourages everybody to be more environmentally friendly. This year’s theme is #InvestInOurPlanet, with a focus on changing the business climate, the political climate and the environmental climate to preserve and protect our health, our families and our livelihoods.

Some astonishing figures 👇

  • 1970: The year that the world’s first Earth Day took place 🌟
  • 1 billion: Number of individuals who are involved with Earth Day activities each year each year for the future of the planet 🕺🏼
  • 75k+: Number of partners working to drive positive action 🌱

We have handpicked four fascinating articles from the digital archives of our publishing partners to highlight this most important of awareness days, as we work towards a prosperous and sustainable future. 


The Progressive ‘The Day The Earth Moved’ April/May 2020

“Today, as we face the most significant health and environmental challenges of all time, it’s critical that we take stock of the problems and opportunities they bring.”

Back in 2020 American environmentalist and academic Tia Nelson, who is also the daughter of Earth Day founder Gaylord Nelson, wrote for The Progressive about how environmentalist activism has never been more important.

She writes eloquently about how Earth Day sparked a global movement, modern environmentalism through the lens of Covid-19, and what gives her hope for the future. 

Read the article, page 51, here


African Business ‘Renewables: Falling Costs, Improving Investment Climate’ July 2018

“The costs are going down, but the performance of turbines is going up.”

Africa needs to add a lot of renewable energy to attain universal access to electricity and cleaner energy.

The July 2018 issue of African Business reports on how cheaper projects are helping the cause. 

Read the article, pages 62–65, here.


The European Financial Review ‘The Climate Crisis Dilemma’ February -March 2020

“In 2019, analysis found that the world’s largest investment banks provided more than $700bn of financing for the fossil fuel companies that were most aggressively expanding into new coal, oil and gas projects since the Paris (climate) Agreement in 2016.”

The February -March 2020 issue of The European Financial Review explains how the climate crisis is changing global finance and asks  -  do we want to pay for it now, or later?

Read the article, pages 22–24, here.

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Positive News ‘ Tea, Cake and Challenging Conversations’ Issue 107 Oct-Dec 2021

“Climate cafes are often designed to appeal to people who aren’t already committed to climate advocacy.”

All around the world, people are coming together to talk about the climate crisis over hot drinks and baked goods, creating a crucial space to discuss the topic. 

Issue 107 of Positive News spoke to Rebecca Nestor of the Climate Psychology Alliance about the series of regular ‘climate café’ meetings in Oxford.

Read the article, page 15, here.

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#InvestInOurPlanet 🌎