What is a smart ISBN?

At this year’s London Book Fair, Exact Editions’ launched a new freely-available smart ISBN self-service tool. Smart ISBNs are attractive book preview links which can be used by authors to promote book sales. Each link directs users back to the retailer of the author’s choice through the ‘buy this book’ button.

e.g. Preview Frida Kahlo And My Left Leg by New York Times bestselling author Emily Rapp Black, published by Notting Hill Editions: exacteditions.com/isbn/9781912559268

How can author’s create a smart ISBN link?

All you need to create a smart ISBN link is the ISBN number of the book and the PDF, which your publisher should have in hand when the book is printed (including the front and back cover) ensuring it adheres to the specifications.

  1. Visit the smart ISBN self-service sign up page and sign up with your name, email address and password.
  2. Follow the link on the ‘Welcome Page’ to create a new smart ISBN.
  3. Enter the title, ISBN and purchase page of the book you are uploading.
  4. Select the range of pages that are open to preview at the front and back.
  5. Upload the PDF via ‘Select PDF’ and ensure it adheres to the specifications.
  6. Once the content has finished uploading the ‘Status’ will change to ‘Published’.
  7. The smart ISBN link and embed code have been created.

Where can author’s use smart ISBN links?

Smart ISBN links can be used for a range of marketing purposes:

  1. Website.
  2. Social media channels.
  3. Your publisher or agent can use to secure rights deals.
  4. Blog.
  5. Media kit.
  6. Events. 
  7. Book awards. 
  8. CV.

Start creating smart ISBN links here: publisher.exacteditions.com/self_service/signup/

Have any questions? Please email selfservice@exacteditions.com