It’s the third week of Archive Flashbacks! This week we bring you an important environmental article from Geographical, a look into the past from a 1973 issue of New Internationalist, and an interview with renowned politician Fadumo Dayib from New African Woman.

Geographical-March 2019

When The Wells Run Dry by Mark Rowe

Mark Rowe delves into the terrifying cost of scrapping the world’s ageing oil rigs in the most recent issue of Geographical Magazine and questions what to do with the thousands of oil and gas platforms left vacant across the planet. Read the full article here.

New Internationalist — July 1973

The Outlook for the Poor World by Professor Hans Singer

In this article, we go back to one of the first issues of New Internationalist, published in 1973, in which Professor Hans Singer describes the outlook for the poor world as a whole and concludes that technology could provide the key. View the full article here.

New African Woman — Issue 40 2016

Fadumo Dayib: Defence & Bravery Personified

Ever since her decision to stand as the first ever female presidential candidate in the 2016 Somali elections, Africa has been gripped by Fadumo Dayib. In this article, Fadumo talks about her life growing up as an illegal immigrant in Kenya, her declaration to run for president and the terrifying risks that come with such a major decision. Read the full interview here.