Today marks the launch of AnOther Magazine‘s shiny new app on the iOS Newsstand. The sleek and stylish iOS interface is the perfect medium for AnOther’s jaw-dropping couture and classy commentaries.


Since its launch in 2001, AnOther Magazine has been a beacon of artistic brilliance to fashionistas the world over. Iconic images of A-list actresses have graced cover after cover: think Nicole Kidman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Uma Thurman and Kate Moss, to name just a few. Interviews with the unlikely likes of Gore Vidal and President Hugo Chavez have also made appearances in its star-studded pages.

‘It is just about looking forward and of course not only in fashion but in everything.’ Miuccia Prada, Spring/Summer 2011

Thanks, Miuccia, couldn’t have said it better myself!


The latest Autumn/Winter 2013 issue features Cate Blanchett, star of Woody Allen’s forthcoming film Blue Jasmine

The iPad’s high-resolution retina display will render AnOther’s cutting-edge shots crisper than ever, while the handy page-flow feature enables readers to flip between pages with ease. 

Syncing, searching and social sharing are all available at the touch of a button to subscribers of AnOther app. Subscribers will unlock access to 12 years’-worth of back issues, in addition to each new issue going forward.

As with all Exact Editions apps, it comes with the capability of IP-authenticated access. This gives AnOther Magazine the potential to reach not just single subscribers but a hotel, plane or conference full of iPad owners.

AnOther’s digital début builds on the startling success of its sister title Dazed & Confused in the App Store. AnOther Man, AnOther’s male-oriented counterpart, will be joining their ranks in the App Store on 26th September, so watch this space.