Wisden on the Ashes, (the authoritative story of cricket’s greatest rivalry) published by Bloomsbury, is now available through the Exact Editions platform for an annual subscription of £10. With 500+ pages of detailed reportage and statistics this will be on the shopping list of every geeky cricketer, or cricket enthusiast.

I was never much of a cricketer, but I have always been a geeky cricket buff. So what do you think of this scoreboard?

Strauss 22
Cook 10
Bopara 0
Bell 18
Collingwood 13
Prior 7
Flintoff 32

Doesnt that have an all too sickeningly familiar feel to it? And for your reassurance Bradman is mentioned 122 times in the book. England may be one up in the series but I have a feeling that Ponting, 41, may walk off with the Ashes again.