I am not sure how Apple were projecting the image off the iPad that Steve Jobs was using in his initial presentation last week. But since they are making such a big thing of the productivity suite iWork on the iPad, there is going to have to be a way to project Keynote presentations from the device.

When is this coming? What will it look like? I am pretty sure that there is not yet a reliable way of doing real time presentations from an iPhone (though you can do videos off an iPhone). It would be a good idea…..

Mind you, in a couple of months we should be able to do an intimate presentation straight off the iPad (one would be enough for a small group) and then pass the device around, clicking through to the magazine app under discussion, whilst the small group admires the trial magazine that we have also prepared for our demonstrations. We may or may not be able to pay you a visit, but if you publish a successful print magazine and would like to see a trial of the app we could make for you, do email us for a free test. With our test account you will be able to simulate the performance of your branded app, using our generic app Exactly. Drop us a line here. And then send us a complete PDF of a single issue, PDF of single pages rather than double page spreads, please.