At the start of 2006 Exact Editions was running some test magazines through our system. They are still there. We had no commercial service at all. That began in February.

As the year turns we have:

32 magazines in the shop
506 issues in your hands if you subscribe to them all.
But we have processed many more issues. 1908 have been through our hands so far (as a ‘whitelabled’ service to publishers, or for test purposes, or part of the stockpile which will appear next month or later in 2007).
That makes, 130,000-ish print pages – rough estimate. Each page appears exactly as in print, with its own unique url.

The most popular page — by a distance.

The four most popular search terms ,were: ‘BBC’, ‘research’,’clinical research’,’london paper’, in that order. Many of these searches were performed for users who were accessing the ‘whitelabled’ content we host for publishers — eg The New Scientist or Thelondonpaper.

In 18th place for the list of search terms was the phrase ‘suck on this’ and in 34th place was the term ‘doherty’. If you are puzzled by this, here is another link to the most popular page in our service. That should explain the sucking (and that it should be a popular search phrase suggests that some people remember headlines — tagging works); the ‘Doherty’ still mystifies me, but Pete is obviously popular with potential magazine readers.

My tip for the alert editor in 2007 — do not on any account neglect the doings of Pete Doherty or the comfort of the female breast. But the popular end of Fleet Street has been following that prescription for years and years.

Enjoy 2007!